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more weird stuff

2016-03-16 21:42:24 by 0N2T

hey! good day m8s

just wanted to say that ill be uploading more weird stuff!!

porbably a comic too. I'm not that sure though unless i get lazy or just plainly forget about it. either way.

this for everyone to see!

hab a nice day! :D

NSFW For E (Gone Sexual!!!)

2016-03-02 04:35:24 by 0N2T

good day!



Cairos here, just got back meeting someone on grindr. If you guys want to see more NSFW cartoons with big titties and ass, for Everyone to see!!!

don't be shy to send out some ideas who you guys wanna see next!! To yumi yoshimura from HHPAY to any cartoon you like to see, drawn! (I accept futas, too) {don't worry m8, i got you}

But please, as good members of newgrounds please be responsible with your request... the bigger the tits and ass, the better don't forget the dicks as well. oh and not all request will be taken. it must meet my utter most standards in art. 

so anyway i should bother people with their profile icons and contents since mine is better than anyone else.


if you want a booty call, be sure to come to my account PM me! teehee!



i love you tom!!




Practicing writing & Getting shit done

2015-11-13 13:16:08 by 0N2T

Hey Everyone!!

First I would like to say I'm open  for Commission, if you're interested pls PM me Here:

I've been feeling kind of down Lately Its because of the webcomic. I'm not really satisfied with the episodes i released... Its because i don't find it worthy, you know? 


I'm glad people actually watches... 24... that's why I don't think it's coming together. I'm never been very good at writing stories and jokes to begin with, I know that. that's why its sucks, you know... But! I'm always willing to learn!! that's why I'm practicing writing and being more confident with my words. I know that confidence is the key, and yet its the hardest thing for me to do, ON THE INTERNET NO LESS!! D:


anyways, It would really help me if you guys, and i know i'm asking too much. A bit of Criticism so that i can better myself. I really want to get better, not just at drawing, in writing stories, as well.

I just want to thank the 199 watchers here, thanks for watching! even tho I post weird drawing... its not even that weird, its light weird. I think there's more weird shit than what I do.


anyways thanks for reading my post!





Miracle Road

2015-10-06 08:30:15 by 0N2T

just made a webcomic, I just feel nervous that's why it's boring at first but i will be writing stories nothing but swapping situatation...

if you got the time, check it out :)


thank you.